Portrait of Suzanne Bigelow.

Leverage your Best

Mindfulness training leverages your brain bank. Touted as a top 10 trend for 2014 and beyond, training to focus attention and expand awareness is the latest "best practice" for leadership development, change management and employee wellness.
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Brain Waves

Focus and Productivity

Mindfulness training helps combat multi-tasking and offset the neural byproducts of today’s complex and rapidly changing global work environment.
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Attentive thinking

Paying Attention Pays Off

Mindfulness training positively impacts productivity, engagement, collaboration and cost of healthcare. Industry average ROI is 2.5:1.
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Father and Son

The Heart of the Matter

Mindfulness training builds connection and contentment. Worksite programs positively impact job satisfaction and relationships with family and colleagues.
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Train With the Best. Invest in Optimal Mindset: Mindfulness for Professional Performance